Finely crafted in the Swiss Alps...

Passionate and unique

Pure craftsmanship

Comfortable and elegant

Individually built for you

Bringing dreams to reality

Big variety of tone woods

Mighty Harp Guitars

Love for details

Beauty meets Innovation

Small and diverse production

High-end guitars for easy traveling

Unique and personal

Innovative and slick

Extraordinary designs

Versatile and unexpected

Elegant solutions with great functionality

Surprises beyond guitars

Our Instrumensts

Brunner Guitars are a unique combination of innovation and tradition, finely crafted with passion and love for detail and a main focus on outstanding sound!
Brunner Guitars are available as acoustic and electric models. These again are offered with either removable or fixed neck  connections.

The regular acoustic B-Models have a fixed, yet adjustable neck connection for an easy string action correction in the fly.

All B-Compact models (Acoustic and Electrics) feature the B-Snap System with an easily removable neck (reassembled in tune!) for easy traveling and the possibility of having different interchangable necks on one body.

The regular B-Electrics also offered with a more or less standard body pocket bolt-on neck connection.

Brunner Guitars are offered in 4 body sizes

B Acoustics

The B-Acoustics are our “regular” guitars offered in all body sizes with the unique fixed, yet adjustable Brunner neck connection for easy string action correction.

B-Compact Acoustics

The B-Compact Acoustics have the B-Snap System installed for a quick neck removal for either compact traveling or having different interchangable necks on one body. 

B or B-C Electrics

The B-Electrics come with either the standard bolt-on body pocket connection or as B-Compact version with the removable neck B-Snap system.

The Muriel Trebles

This 8 string mini treble harp is a unique extension to almost any guitar!
It attaches very quickly and easily without doing any harm to your instrument.


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The “Built it Yourself Experience”

Have you ever dreamed of building your own guitar? Here’s an opportunity! I prepare a “Brunner Guitar Kit” according to your specifications and you can come and experience the fun and challenges of building it yourself with all the needed professional support!

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Next course dates:

  • 16.-27. September 2024 booked out
  • 4.-22. November 2024
  • 22. April – 9. May 2025
  • 1.-19. September 2025

I now also offer individual building times as time allows if none of the listed dates suits you. Please simply contact and ask for options.


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