Brunner Guitar Models

Brunner Guitars are available as acoustic and electric models. These again are offered with either removable or fixed neck  connections.

The regular acoustic B-Models have a fixed, yet adjustable neck connection for an easy string action correction in the fly.

All B-Compact models (Acoustic and Electrics) feature the B-Snap System with an easily removable neck (reassembled in tune!) for easy traveling and the possibility of having different interchangable necks on one body.

The regular B-Electrics also offered with a more or less standard body pocket bolt-on neck connection.


The B-Acoustics are our “regular” guitars offered in all body sizes with the unique fixed, yet adjustable Brunner neck connection for “on the fly” string action correction.

B-Compact Acoustics

The B-Compact Acoustics have the B-Snap System installed for a quick neck removal for either compact traveling or having different interchangable necks on one body.

B-Electrics and

B-Compact Electrics

The B-Electrics come with either the standard bolt-on connection or as B-Compact version with the removable neck B-Snap system.