B Bass

The B Bass is offered with either the Medium, Big or Mighty body size. When used purely acoustically, of course the bigger the body the better, but even the Medium body Basses provide a great output and can be used to play along with a guitar acoustically. The off-set sound hole design works particularly well for the bass guitars as it helps enhancing the bass frequencies when paired with side sound ports. However, also the regular centre sound hole is an option.
The unique bridge design with the achor pins makes changing strings very easy.
The Basses are offered with 4 and 5 strings in different scale lengths.



As mentioned, the B Basses are available in three different body shapes, the Medium, Big and the Mighty. Please find further specifications of the different bodies on the Specs Sheet.

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B Bass models start at CHF2700.- (incl. Hiscox case, excl. tax)


Here some samples of B Bass Models
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B Bass 4 String Custom

Red Cedar top
American Walnut body
Honduran Mahogany neck
Black Pear bindings
Indian Rosewood fretboard and bridge
Offset sound hole design with side sound ports

B Bass 5 String Custom
Exchangable Fretboards Fretted and Fretless

Sinker Redwood top
Figured American Walnut body
Honduran Mahogany neck
European Walnut bindings
Ebony fretboards and bridge
Magnetic exchangeable fretted and fretless fretboards
Offset sound hole design with side sound ports