B Electrics

The B Electrics are offered as Small oder Medium models with either solid, semi hollow or hollow bodies. The concept of these slim body hybrid guitars is super versatile and they can be configured as pure electrics, jazz or semi acoustic guitars. The wooden bridges can be the same design as on the acoustic models or the new smaller version for the more “electric look”. The wooden bridges also allow for an additional undersaddle pick-up.
All Slim Body Electrics are built to order.

We mainly build Electrics as B-Compact models with the easily removable necks. We do however also offer these guitars and basses with fixed bolt-on neck connections.
Please see more samples under B-C Electrics or B-C Electric Basses


The B Electric models have the same body outlines and dimensions as the B-small or the B Medium Acoustics, simply much slimmer. They are available with short or regular full-scale, Baritone or Bass scale and the neck width can all be customized.
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B Electric models start at CHF1900.- (incl. Hiscox case, excl. tax)


Here some samples of B Electric Models
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B Mighty Custom

Black stained Flamed Maple top
Hollow Flamed Maple body 
Flamed Maple neck
Ebony fretboard and bridge
Brunner F holes
Häussel P90 Humbuckers