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Brunner Acoustic Guitars are made with the greatest of care and precision. Lukas is a fine craftsman and has created guitars that feel and sound wonderful.
I highly recommend that you try out one and discover Brunner Guitars for yourself.

The Brunner Compact is a fine display of Swiss craftsmanship. It assembles quickly and is practically in tune as it is assembled in a matter of seconds. It is made of very fine wood and has the tone of a well built guitar – deep and rich for a small Instrument. You will be amazed at how well it plays too. The fingerboard allows plenty of room to play anything that comes to mind. Finally, for those hard-to-find places for packing and traveling with your guitar, the case fits almost anywhere, so there’s no excuse to leave your instrument at home. . . I highly recommend the Brunner Compact

Phil Keaggy, Nashville, TN, USA

I have been playing my Brunner harp guitar since 2010 and have been very impressed with what a fine instrument it is especially for one that has two necks that come off for travel. The craftsmanship is breathtaking and Brunner’s eye for design makes its appearance seem almost like a piece of modern art that is both sleek and functional.
My original harp guitar had been lost three times by the airlines and thankfully was found each time after days of searching.  I needed a travel instrument that I could take on board the plane and stow it in the overhead.  My first outing with it found me in Barcelona, Spain for several concerts that would not have happened without this travel harp guitar as my luggage came three days later. I had to buy some new clothes to perform in but I had the harp guitar with me the whole time. The instrument plays easily and has good tone for an instrument that comes apart. With three pickups and a small mixer I have been able to adjust the sound to any concert hall. For my encore I take the necks off as the audience looks on with horror never imaging that it came apart.  Then I put it all back together within a moment and without any (or nearly any) tuning I launch into a final piece.  Unbelievable!
Lukas Brunner is a master builder with very innovative ideas and Swiss precision in his craftsmanship.  My instrument is his first twenty-string harp guitar but judging from audience response it will not be his last.
John Doan, OR, USA

Lukas Brunner to me is absolute unique combination of a fantastic guitar builder and engineer/inventor with a great passion for new and unusual ideas which he converts into swiss precision built guitars.
Heiner Reiff, Germany

Theres only one builder I know of that makes a wicked sounding acoustic guitar that morphs into a baritone guitar within a minute. His name is Lukas Brunner. He doesn’t stop there, you can have a classical neck or a slide neck etc. I always travel with my beloved Yamaha but having the Brunner Compact travel guitar now allows me to have a backup guitar and also a baritone. So now when I travel by air I still get to have 3 guitars on stage and don’t have to pay for extra luggage. You gotta love that.
Don Alder, Vancouver, Canada

My Brunner harp guitar is a top class instrument with an amazing rich, clear and deep sound. Traveling with it is so easy, no stress! I really love it very much!
Philippe Fouquet, France

After many years of playing mainly North American high class guitars, I was searching for a new sound. A more Swiss like sound. But I really didn’t know what this sound should be like… One day I discovered the Brunner Guitars and was hoping to come to rest. I ordered a Brunner B-big 9-string Bariton and a 6 string (plus an OG), all with cutaway. I could hardly wait during these few months until I finally got them holding in my hands. The first experience was different…the sound was different, like I never heard a guitar sounding before… It was not simular to any guitar I have ever tried. The sustain is almost endless. The bass is so round and deep, but also as clear as… I don’t know what to compare it with. The brilliance of the higher strings and that silvery glimmer is like the snow on a mountain top.
Lukas Tschanz, Thun

This is my 4th custom built instrument (and not the most expensive one either) and without a doubt, it has been the best and most fulfilling of those experiences, esp. considering the end result. This guitar is exactly what I was looking for in terms of portability without compromises. Your craftsmanship has truly exceeded my incredibly high standards. When you look at that tiny case, you think, nothing this small could be anything better than decent sound. But you open, click, spend those two seconds tuning because its almost there already, and then it just sings. Really Luke, you’ve got a gift. Thank you so much for your patience and for sharing your craft.
Robert Gilpin, CT, USA

My Brunner harp-guitar made my traveling so much easier. I really like it because everything on it is compact but the sound…
Claude Laflamme, Quebec, Canada

The Brunner Compact, made by Lukas Brunner… I now fly without fear! This Swiss Luthier has solved “the problem.” Goes together with a snap and is in tune! 5 seconds to assemble or disassemble. Comes with cool hardshell case. Unbelievable but true! The first travel guitar wth a ‘BIG’ sound! Those instruments have changed my life!
Roy Book Binder, FL, USA

I ordered a customized B-Compact from Lukas and was more than pleased with the craftsmanship, engineering and especially the sound. I became curious about his full-sized guitars, so when I had an opportunity to visit him in his shop in Switzerland, I was able to see his shop and play a wide selection of his wonderful guitars. The sound, playability and craftsmanship are everything I expect from a hand-built guitar. Lukas chooses his woods carefully, has an excellent sense of clean, uncluttered design, accepts nothing less than perfection in his workmanship, and he clearly loves making guitars. I own several handmade guitars, including some by notable hand-builders. Lukas Brunner’s guitars are on par with those made by established masters. My Brunner 8-string is nothing less than amazing.
Dave Bricker, Miami, Florida, USA

A few years ago, when I saw the prototype, I simply could not believe my eyes – or ears. A brilliant design, coupled with a sound “too big” for its size; finally, I thought, a true travel guitar! About a year later, upon seeing the improved(!) version (complete with its clever case), I decided I simply had to have one for myself. I’ve had mine since 2002, and I’m still amazed at its design and sound. Luke is a great craftsman and builds these travel guitars to the same standards he uses on his world-class full-sized acoustics – great wood, great workmanship and wonderful design! I would recommend Luke’s B Compact guitar to the serious professional looking for an acoustic instrument that will give any D-35 a run for its money, will stand up to life on the road, will amaze your friends, and will get you through airport security with nary a hassle.
Judy Threet, Luthier, Calgary, CA