Inquiry Form

Electric Instruments

How does the Inquiry Form work?

The Inquiry Form is a great tool for you to play around with the options and get an instant quote at the bottom of the form.
The prices for special requests on certain details will obviously not be included and I will get back to you on those as soon as possible after you submit the form.

This “smart” form will constantly change the further options according to your previous selections. So don’t be surprised by options disappearing or newly popping up as you go.

Order confirmation and delivery time

Should you decide to order your requested instrument, 1/3 of the grand total will be required as a deposit to confirm your order. The remaining balance will be due before shipping when the guitar is finished.
The building time is depending on where we are at with the production at the time of order. We build in batches of 15-20 guitars in one go and those circles usually take 5-9 months. For this reason delivery time can vary from roughly 5-12 months.

Payment methods

-Wire transfers to our bank account directly or through Transferwise (see more info below)
-credit card with an additional fee of 3%.
-Cash in Swiss Francs only when the guitar is picked up in person

We usually recommend doing an international transfer through Transferwise, which is the only way for international payments, where you pay the actual exchange rate without having the bank adding another 2+% for the exchange rate.
So in comparison the a credit card payment you’ll safe up to 5%.
Here’s a good explanation video of how this works.
If you end up choosing Transferwise for your payment method, use
this link here.
This is only relevant for international payments. Swiss Customers can of course pay directly into our bank account.

Visual help for filling out the form

To get a better overview of the all models and options while clicking through the form, you can open the specs sheet below and it will open in another browser window. Also open another window with the Brunner Guitars Website so you can click through the guitar galleries at the same time to get inspired.