“Built it yourself” Application

To apply for a “Built it yourself” experience you simply fill out the little form regarding the actual course details. For your guitar specifications please also fill out the guitar Inquiry Form below where you can get instant quote for your desired specifications. Details can still be changed later. The forms just really help to get all details covered in one go.
Have fun exploring, looking forward to building your dream guitar with you!
Please don’t hesitate to contact first if you have any further questions.

"Build it yourself" Application

  • I would like to come within the following time frame
  • We offer a roomy cozy loft for all course attendees. Depending on the amount of people you will have a single or double bed room. All course attendees arrange themselves for the meals. There is a big nice kitchen, so can either cook together, for yourselves or go to the near by restaurants in town. If you would like to come as a couple, we also have another cozy accommodation in town that we offer.
  • Please send me a few lines about yourself and why you'd like to do this. Also it would be helpful to know if you have any wood working experience and maybe also what your profession is. This is just to give me an idea, thank you!