Review Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana Italy

It's been a great festival with a three day international guitar exhibition (125 luthiers and guitar shops) plus many workshops and concerts every day all taking place in the unique setting of an old fortress...


We brought a good range of guitars down to Italy and had a great response from the visitors... Besides our regular B-Compact and B-Fixy models we also showed two versions of the brand new B-Compact Harp guitar models and some very unique special editions.

Detailed pictures of the new harps (which turned out quite amazing!) and a lot of new guitars will be added soon in the guitar picture galleries.


Guitars Shows are always a good chance to met up with many Luthier friends. Here George Lowden and his wife (Lowden Guitars) and Richard Hoover (Santa Cruz Guitars) stopping by...


Acoustic Guitar Meeting Sarzana, Italy

Hello dear friends,
even though I should show you many new guitars and new features we're offering, here just a quick announcement that we will be exhibiting at the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, Italy from May 28th until June 1st, 2014!
It has probably become the biggest and most important acoustic guitar festival in Europe today and its whole setting in the old beautiful fortress of Sarzana is just as unique! See you there?!

We've been very busy all of last year trying to catch up again on many orders and for restocking after the two years break we had for building the new shop and working on major renovations on the whole house...
However, I hope to finally do more updates soon!

Phil Keaggy Swiss Tour 2013

We had a wonderful time with Phil and his wife Bernadette touring around Switzerland with four great concerts and one unique workshop at a castle.

To see Phil live is an unforgettable concert experience. It's amazing how he is creating a whole band on stage with his looper and this often very spontaneously with on the spot improvisations.
Also Phil's authentic and humorous personality and his profound lyrics speak for themselves.
Just recently Phil Keaggy was honored with the prestigious ASCAP Golden Note Award for his unique over 40 years career in which he published over 50 solo albums, both vocal and instrumental.

See some tour pictures and videos at


New B-Compact harp guitar version!

To all harp guitar friends!

We're getting a lot of interest for our B-Compact travel harp guitars with the double necks. One customer got me started on a new concept more like a Theorbo style harp guitar. So here's a couple Photoshop mock-ups of my new design which we will also be offering in the future as B-Compact harps.

These are only Photoshop mock-ups!

The advantage of the new design is that the neck will come off as one unit instead of two and it will be a bit less neck heavy than the double neck version. So there will only be one SNAP system installed.
We'll be using Steinberg tuners for the 6 sub-basses and the our regular Gotoh locking tuners for the guitar. The super trebles version will have the guitar neck centered on the body and also the bridge will be centered on the top which will be a great advantage compared to the double neck version.
Price wise we'll be within the same range as with the double neck models which start at about Fr.4000.- for the 12-string and around Fr.5000.- for the 20-string model (for a rather basic version).


Here some pictures of the rough neck shape. The supporting "stick" on the bass side will also be equipped with a two-way trussrod and a special feature will be the fretless playable fretboard for the two lowest sub-bass strings which will be fun to experiment with!
Please don't hesitate to contact for further information.

Greetings from the Swiss Alps




Welcome to our new website!

Renovations are done, we're back into business!

Welcome, we hope you enjoy discovering our new site!

Here a quick update to everybody who wondered what's been going on with Brunner Guitars the last couple years...

We're happy to announce that we're now back in business and have restarted our guitar production after a long two year break for major renovations on our work shop and the whole house. It's been a once in a life time project and we're very thankful that we had the chance to do all that work! Also special thanks to all the many friends who helped working on this project!


This was also the reason why our old website has not been updated for so long, sorry about that! It was simply a very intense time and still will be until we're fully back rolling with the production...

To all of you who are waiting for your guitars, thank you all for your patience! Due to the lack of workers at this point and the big load of orders it is still very difficult to estimate delivery dates. Thank you for your understanding.

Here are few pictures of what we've been working on...
Greetings from the Swiss Alps to everybody!


The house includes now three apartments, one group accommodation, a little worker apartment, a two floor workshop, a guitar showroom and a bike stop.