B Models

Fine Acoustic Steel-String Guitars

B-Compact Models

High-end Travel Guitars with an easily removable neck

Soon available at Brunner Guitars

“The Tonewood Amp”!

I’m happy to announce that we’re becoming the Swiss dealer for this new exciting products!
Check it at www.tonewoodamp.com or search on Youtube for “tonewood amp”

More info coming soon!

Build it yourself

Have you ever dreamed of building your own guitar? Here’s an opportunity! I prepare a “Brunner Guitar Kit” according to your specifications and you can come and experience the fun and challenges of building it yourself with all the needed professional support!

More info

Next course dates:

  • 20. March – 7. April 2017 (Acoustic Guitar) booked out
  • 28. Aug. – 9. Sept. 2017 (Electric Guitar)
  • 11. Sept. – 1. Okt. 2017 (Acoustic Guitar)
  • 7. – 28. April 2018 (Acoustic Guitar)

Phil Keaggy Workshop DVD Swiss Tour 2006

We still have some left over DVD’s from the two unique workshops with Phil Keaggy during his Swiss Tour in 2006! These DVD’s have been left behind because the color printing on the actual DVD discs wasn’t as perfect (little faded). The DVD itself works perfect and also the cover printing is fine. For more details about the content please click in the right picture.
Now for CHF15.- instead of CHF25.-
Shipping anywhere worldwide is CHF5.-
(CHF is about even with the US$)



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