Hi everyone!
Unfortunately I still haven’t gotten to renewing this whole website, but it’ll come…! To check out more recent guitars from the past couple years, please check out the Brunner Guitars Facebook Page

Greetings from the Swiss Alps
Luke Bruner


B Models

Fine Acoustic Steel-String Guitars

B-Compact Models

High-end Travel Guitars with an easily removable neck

The Muriel Trebles

This mini 8 string treble harp can be a very cool extension to almost any guitar!
It attaches very quick and easily without doing any harm to your instrument.


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The “Built it Yourself Experience”

Have you ever dreamed of building your own guitar? Here’s an opportunity! I prepare a “Brunner Guitar Kit” according to your specifications and you can come and experience the fun and challenges of building it yourself with all the needed professional support!

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Next course dates:

  • 13. April – 1. May 2020 booked out
  • 7. – 25. September 2020 booked out
  • 12. -30. April 2021
  • 6.-24. September 2021


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