Brunner Guitars


We are basically offering two types of high end acoustic guitars, the regular B Models with the fixed necks and the B-Compact Model travel guitars with the easily removable necks. All our guitars are finely crafted with high attention to details and only high quality materials are used. A full and rich sound and excellent playability can be expected of any Brunner Guitar.

B Models

These are wonderful guitars for anybody who doesn’t necessarily need the advantage of a removable neck for traveling. They are offered in two different body sizes with end less custom options and special features!
I now offer two different cantilevered neck connections, the fixed bolt-on connection with the traditional heel and a new adjustable bolt-on connection with a much smaller heel.

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B-Compact Models

These are super versatile guitars with an easily removable neck that comes off an goes back on in seconds without having to detune and hardly retune the strings! Even though the B-Compacts are great for traveling their quality and sound is far beyond just “a travel guitar”. They are offered in many different styles as acoustics, electrics and even as harp guitars with endless custom options. Tired of leaving your guitar at home because it’s too big? Check it out!

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