B-Compact Electric Bass

Our B-Compact electric bass models have the same body outline and dimensions as the B-small acoustic body, simply slimmer. They are normally offered as a 4 string with a 28 3/4″ (730mm) short bass scale and are super compact to travel with, especially for a bass guitar!
Basically we could also offer a 5-string bass, but I would recommend going for a longer scale in that case. This will affect again the portability though as the neck is setting the length for the bag in the end… Also it will get too neck heavy with the longer scale, so it would be a bit of a compromise.

The B-C electric basses are only built to order and we don’t offer any stock models. Often we include some extra guitars though when we build a batch so there’s a chance we may have something in stock.

Body styles

Just like with the electric guitars we also offer the three different body styles for the basses.
The all solid body offers the most sustain but is fairly heavy.
The semi-hollow body with its solid centre section and hollow side chambers is much lighter but offers similar good sustain.
The hollow body offers the warmest sound with still decent sustain due to a small connection block by the bridge between top and back. This version is ideal if you’re more looking for a warmer jazzy sound and a lighter bass guitar. With an under saddle acoustic pick-up it also works excellent as an acoustic bass for the stage.


The german Häussel Custom Pick-ups are our standard pick-ups for the B-C basses. They are of highest quality and the type, sound and look can be fully customized. However, we do install almost any pick-up system on request.

Sample of a B-C custom electric bass 

Flamed Maple top / solid Mahogany body
Indian Rosewood fretboard and bridge
Häussel Jazz Humbucker in Ebony
Volume control only with pick-ups switch for humbucker, single coil and single coil serial

Standard Measurements

Body length: 16″ (40,7cm)
Body width: 12 3/16″ (31cm)
Body depth: 2″ 1/8″ (5.3cm)
Scale length: 28 3/4″ (730mm)
Nut width 4-string: 1 9/16″ (39mm)
Bridge spacing 4-string: 2 3/16″ (56mm)
Fret on body: 17th

B-Compact Electric Bass Custom Model
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