B-Compact Double-neck Models

The B-C double-neck models are basically offered in two versions:

The “Harp” Double-neck

The necks are closer together and only the guitar neck is playable. The bass neck is used for open bass strings only as it can’t be reached in between the necks.
Since we offer the new B-C harp with the single neck unit this version only makes sense if you need to be able to apply a capo on the sub bass strings for tune transformation.

The “Regular” Double-neck

The necks are spread wider apart and both necks are normally playable like single instruments. Most common combinations would be Bass/Guitar, Baritone/Guitar or Guitar/Mandolin.
The same here is a crazy Baritone/Guitar combination with 7 strings each and 6 additional super trebles on the body.

Additional so called “Super trebles”:

The option of having additional high treble strings on the body has become quite popular amongst harp guitarist and experimental players. We offer several different set-ups and are open to new ideas. Here a couple samples.


A custom designed B-C backpack will be provided for all double-neck models. Unfortunately we can’t offer hard shell cases at this point…

B-Compact Double-neck Gallery

Get inspired by some past orders and special creations


B-C custom double-neck harp

Swiss Spruce top
Indian Rosewood body
Tulipe bindings with bevel
Ebony fretboard and bridge
Edelweiss inlays

B-C custom double neck-harp with super trebles

Swiss Spruce black colored top
African Blackwood body
Curly Maple bindings with arm bevel
Rosewood fretboard and bridge
Sound port
Stars inlays
Fretted bass neck for capo

BC custom double-neck harp

Swiss Spruce top
Indian Rosewood body
Curly Maple bindings
Ebony fretboard and bridge

BC custom double-neck harp with super trebles

Western Red Cedar top
African Mahogany body
no bindings and rosette
Ebony fretboard and bridge

B-C custom double-neck

Swiss Spruce top
Flamed Maple body
Curly Koa bindings and rosettes
Ebony fretboard and bridge
Two 7-string necks with 2 fretless bass strings on each neck
6 super trebles on body

B-Compact Double-neck Custom Model
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