B-Compact classical

Even though we do offer the classical version of the B-Compact it is to say that the whole concept works much better with steel strings due the stretchy nature of the nylon strings.

While the steel strings stay nicely in tune after assembling, the nylon strings take quite a while to settle and then stay in tune. For this reason I honestly don’t sell many of the classical models, but we quite often sell classical necks as a second exchangeable neck for a regular steel string model. Check out our “B-C multi-neck” option. If the guitar is meant to have a classical neck only the top is built much lighter to maximize the sound.

It’s definitely not an option for the traditional classical guitar player, but If you are okay with the mentioned issues and the following handling differences, I’ll be happy to build a classical version of the B-Compact guitar for you.

Bringing tension to the strings

The nylon-string stretches much more than the steel string to reach the same tension. Therefor it is recommended to loosen at least the two highest strings a few turns (or even all strings), to avoid the neck-angle being too steep when the neck is inserted on the body. This will make assembly much easier, especially before you are used to it. Even then the neck angle will be much steeper than with the steel strings.

Applying a capo

Before you disassemble the guitar, a capo needs to be applied at the first fret to avoid the strings from getting too loose on the tuner heads when the neck is taken off. You also need to detune the three high Nylon strings to make the disassembly and assembling process easier. For putting it together, the capo needs to stay on until the guitar is fully reassembled.

Special tuner heads

First the strings need to be attached on the bridge as shown in the picture. Because the nylon strings can’t be locked like steel strings (as they would snap) special tuner heads had to be developed for a minimum of string winding on the tuners shafts.
To change the strings the holes of these heads need to be in a 90° position to the direction of the string for inserting the new strings. The string is then pulled tightly through top hole and back through the other hole and fastened with one loop to sort of “lock it”. On the two blank nylon treble strings it takes two loops to hold properly.



I recommend using high-tension nylon strings. On the short scale models the string tension is lower than usual and this needs to be compensated with heavier strings to avoid buzzing and to increase the volume. For best sound and good playability we recommend Carbon high tension strings which have even more tension than normal nylon strings. These work also fine for the full-scale models.

B-Compact small-size Custom Model
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On this form you also get to choose a classical neck.
Starting price at around CHF1900.- (incl. B-C backpack, excl. tax)

B-Compact full-size Custom Model
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On this form you also get to choose a classical neck.
Starting price at around CHF 2400.- (incl. B-C backpack, excl. tax)