B-Compact Acoustic Bass

The B-Compact acoustic 4 string bass is offered with the B-C full-size body and a short bass scale. It sounds amazingly full and punchy and is loud enough to play along with an acoustic guitar. With an acoustic pick-up installed it will definitely keep up with any other high-end acoustic bass, but it’s a lot easier to get to your gig with, especially if you have to fly!
Basically we can also offer a 5-string bass, but I would recommend going for a longer scale in that case. This will affect again the portability though as the neck is setting the length for the bag in the end… In other words, the 4-string version works really nice, the 5 string would be a bit of a compromise but doable.
All B-C Basses are built to order only and are also available as fretless.

Sample of a B-C custom acoustic bass 

Western Red Cedar / Mahongany body
Black colored pear bindings
Tabacco sunburst

Standard specifications

body length: 19 1/8″ (48,6cm)
body width: 14 1/2″ (36,8cm)
body depth: 4″ (10,2cm)
scale length: 28 3/4″ (730mm)
nut width 4-string: 1 9/16″ (39mm)
bridge spacing 4-string: 2 3/16″ (56mm)
fret on body: 16th

B-Compact Acoustic Bass Custom Model
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